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    Welcome to Black Cat Wicca...Your local Wiccan and Spiritualist Community..

    Black Cat Wicca is a Free online community that is fast-growing. We welcome everyone from all walks of life and welcome all religions. The intent of this website is to help you and everyone else develop as you travel your chosen paths be it Wiccan, Pagan or Spiritualist, all are welcomed and embraced without judgement. You will find many people here on our forums and in our chat rooms who share your views.

    We offer a range of free things with your free registration:

    We have free classes that are posted in our message board. This way you can learn at your own pace and in your own time with staff members and teachers on standby to help with anything you may need.

    All classes held in the chat room are posted onto the message board and change at intervals.

    We have free Chat rooms... you can chat with the members in the chat room any time you like. You do NOT need to be monitored and you have the freedom to talk about anything you like without us staff members looking over your shoulder.

    We also hold free psychic and mediumistic readings, both in the chat room and on a more personal level by PM if required.

    Our Free BOS is at hand too. This has just been updated so it is easier for YOU to find the right spell you need and a lot quicker !!! You need to be 16 years and over to have access to our BOS. You can find out more on our message board.

    We don't like to impose rules but they are necessary so please, do not be rude, use offensive language, keep discussion and debates in the third person whenever possible, please don't post spam. If you do, you will, at the discretion of the staff, be suspended and if necessary banned from the site completely.

    We want you to enjoy yourself and to be able to express yourself in complete safety, we also hope your stay is lengthy, pleasant and informative.

    Brightest Blessings
    The staff at Black Cat Wicca

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